How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger – Everything You Need To Know

Are you running a blogger sub-domain blog and decided to take the next step or you want to start your own website/blog with a custom domain but don’t want to spend money on hosting? This is a simple guide to connect your blogger blog or website with a custom domain.

  • Buy A Domain

The first and essential step is to buy a domain if you don’t have one. There many options available like Godaddy and Hostgator. Choose the one where you get a better price and if you are sure that you want to continue with the blog in future also go with a multi-year purchase as it will be cheaper.

  • Changes in Blogger Dashboard

Now sign-in to your blogger dashboard and go to  Settings-Basic-Publishing. Here you will find your current domain like Now click on setup a 3rd party domain. Enter the web address of the domain you have purchased like and make sure you tick redirect your to You will receive an error message when you save it and will show you two CNAMES.

blogger-basic-settings blogger-custom-domain

  • Changes in Domains DNS

Now login to your domain account and go to DNS settings. Create a new CNAME.

  1. Under “Name, Label or Host,” type the subdomain www
  2. Under “Destination, Target or Points to,” type “”
  3. Repeat the above steps with the second CNAME you got in the error message.
  • Adding A Records With Google IP

This is the last step where you will have to add 4 new A records with Google’s IP’s. Use @ as host in all four and enter these IP’s in destination

  • Save and Wait

Now you will be able to Save your new domain on blogger and within a few hours, your blog will start to show up on your If you have any doubts regarding this let me know in the comments below and stay tuned to our website for more content.

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