How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger

Google Analytics

If you are a beginner and want to learn blogging, Blogger is the best platform to start with and it is really important to track your visitors on your website. Though blogger provides it’s own stats for your blog but it is not as detailed as you can get with Google Analytics.

Implementing Google Analytics on your blogger website or blog is very easy, make sure you have created a blog via blogger and have also created a Google Analytics account. Open you blogger dashboard in one tab and Google analytics on another.

  • Blogger Dashboard – Settings – Others

Go to you blogger dashboard and select the blog you want you use (if you have multiple blogs). Then go to setting and select others. You will find Google analytics option at the bottom.

  • Google Analytics – New Property

Now go to Google Analytics and create a new property, enter your website name, url, country and save all the settings


  • Copy Tracking ID

Now you will get a tracking id, copy that tracking id and paste it on the Google analytics ID option on your blogger account and save all the settings.

Now everything is done just visit your blog once in a new tab and you will find user on your website via the Google Analytics.  If you have any doubts let me know in the comments below.

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