How to Schedule Posts on Facebook For Free – Step by Step Guide

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with 2.2 Billion monthly active users. People around the world are using Facebook to promote their brand, be it a small business owner or a big company like Samsung, Apple.

When you are using a platform to promote your business/brand, you need the flexibility of scheduling your posts. This is a step by step guide on how to schedule a post on Facebook.

  • Create a Facebook Page

Facebook offers this to all Page owners on its network, with a few simple steps you can schedule your posts and track its stats. Do note you need to have a Facebook Page to schedule posts on the platform. Facebook provides many different types of pages, choose according to your business/profession, scheduled posts works on all.


  • Publishing Tools

Open your page via your Facebook account. You will find a “Publishing tools” option at the top, in between “Insights” and “Promotions”. Click on publishing tools and it will show you stats of all of your published posts till now.


  • Schedule Post

Now click on create button on the right-hand side and you will see your normal “Create New Page Post Window”. Write your post and then before publishing it open the drop-down menu on the publish button. Here you will find the option to schedule the post. Enter date and time and you are done.


Alternatively, you can do it when you are normally posting a post on your page, just use the drop-down menu. But going into publishing tools gives you access to Facebook Analytics. Which you can use to get better insights about your posts.

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So if you were looking for a free Facebook scheduler, using the native Facebook tool is the best way. You can also use 3rd party apps like Buffer, Hoot suite etc, but they have free schedule posts limit. But with them, you can also create schedule posts for your normal profile. Stay tuned and keep learning something new.