How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter For Free – Easy Guide

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Many big companies, freelancers, creators and entrepreneurs are using the platform for increasing their reach. One of the best ways of reaching your target audience is by scheduling your post accordingly. So in this post, I will tell you How to schedule tweets on twitter for free.

  • Create a Twitter Ads Account.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is create a Twitter ads account. You can signup for Twitter ads from here and can use the ads platform to increase your reach. Will write about that in another post.


  • Using Creatives

After you have logged into your Twitter ads account you will see “creative” drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner beside “Campaigns” and Analytics. If you don’t see the Creative option you first have to add a payment option in the payments methods.


You can add a debit or credit card from Visa or MasterCard. Don’t worry you don’t have to make any payments and twitter will not automatically deduct money from your card. You will be charged only if you are creating an ad campaign.

Note: You won’t be charged, it is just to let you schedule tweets on twitter.

  • Composing Tweet

Now under the Creatives menu select tweets and click on compose a new tweet. You will see your usual compose tweet dialogue along with an option to schedule your tweet. Just type your tweet, add an image, video, link, GIF, Poll or anything you want and select the date and time you want to publish your tweet and you are done.


  • Analytics

You can track your tweets impressions, engagements (re-tweets, likes) via the Tweet Activity option under the Analytics tab. It will show your overall impressions in a particular period, engagement rate etc.

So if you were looking for a free twitter scheduler, using the native Twitter tool is the best way. You can also use 3rd party apps like Buffer, Hoot suite etc, but they have free schedule tweets limit. I will also be telling how to schedule your Facebook posts in other post so stay tuned and keep learning something new.