Top 5 Best Free WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins in 2018

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. People around the world use WordPress CMS to run their blog. For all the blog owners search engine traffic is mostly the major source of traffic, this increases the need for a good WordPress SEO Plan.

People often ask me about WordPress SEO, What is the best WordPress plugin for SEO, and what are some tools for SEO in 2018. In this article, I will till you top 5 must have WordPress SEO tools and plugin to rank higher in the search engines.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

If you are currently researching WordPress SEO in 2018, you might have seen the Yost SEO Plugin. This has been the must-have SEO plugin for years. Every time I develop a new website for a client or for my own work, this is the first plugin I install.

The SEO plugin allows you to add Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords to your website. It is available for each and every page and post on your website. It automatically creates your website’s sitemap and also adds open graph data metadata (Facebook) and twitter cards.

2. Google Keyword Planner

This is a tool about which you might have heard a lot as it is from the search giant itself. Google Keywords planner is a free tool via which you can research for relevant keywords according to the past Google searches. Google is the most popular search engine in the world and keywords from there are really good for SEO for a WordPress website.

This tool is not limited to bloggers, anyone who wants to do any kind of search engine optimization can use it, be it for a YouTube Video or an ad words campaign. You can sign up for an AdWords account to use the Google keyword planner for free.

3. Google Trends

“Content is the King,” you might have heard this phrase a lot but do note content and SEO go hand in hand. Even if your content is good but the SEO is not proper you might not get traffic and the same goes the other way around. Google trends is again a free tool by Google which lets you know what is trending in the Google search engine.

It even gives you data about a specific country and category. From here you can know whats trending, get a few keywords, use them to get more via Keyword planner and write a good article with the right content and right SEO. This is especially good for those who are targeting a specific country


Keyword Tool is another good free tool which you can use along with the Google Keyword Planner to look for the relevant keywords. Google keyword planner is good but Google is not the only search engine from where you get traffic. Keyword Tool shows you suggestion from Google, Amazon, Bing, Youtube, and as well as the app store.

It gives you over 750 suggestions for every keyword which you can use to update your SEO in 2018. As said before this tool is not for bloggers only you can also use this for App store optimization or for optimizing video for Youtube SEO.

5. No- Follow Checkbox

If you are a blogger or digital marketer, you know the importance of Rel No Follow and Rel Do Follow. When you add rel do follow to any link on your website you give some authority to that link. Which can help that website to rank higher and the same goes the other way around.

If we talk about SEO trends 2018, backlinking is very important but, only a quality backlink is of use and by giving a backlink to a bad website, you can lose your SEO. With Rel No Follow Checkbox you can easily assign do-follow or no follow attribute to every link on your website.

Some other tips

Other than these SEO techniques you should check out my must-have WordPress plugins list for 2017, which included some useful plugins like Image optimizer for optimizing images on your website. It improves your page speed which is an important factor for a WordPress website in 2018.

Along with this, I would also suggest you to sign-up with Pingdom, which lets you know when your website is down. WordPress websites often face this issue due to bad plugins.  As you might know Google I/O 2018 is just around the corner and we might get some know SEO 2018 updates from Google. I will make another post about the same if required. Stay tuned and keep learning something new.