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LinkedIn Marketing – How To Create An Amazing LinkedIn Profile In 2020

linkedin profile guide

LinkedIn is the only online platform on which you can build your personal brand Organically in 2020. Your LinkedIn profile acts as a Landing page for your personal brand. A well structured and optimised LinkedIn profile will help you grow in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you are a working professional, student or an entrepreneur.

This is my 7 step checklist for an optimised LinkedIn personal profile. I have used my personal profile to show you examples. You can keep it open in another tab for reference. 

1) LinkedIn Headline – Keywords! Are Important


Your profile headline is one of the first things that people notice about you on the professional network. More than 80% of the people just add their designation to their profile’s headline but forget that LinkedIn allows you to use up to 120 characters for the same. Your headline should include a couple of keywords from your industry and it should say more about you than just your current designation.

For example, I am a Growth Marketer with 5+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Also, many people know me in the industry due to Sid Tech, so it’s important for me to mention it in my headline.

2) LinkedIn Summary/Professional Summary/About

LinkedIn allows you to use up to 2,000 characters for your professional summary. Take your time while writing it, including all the relevant details about your professional journey as well as a couple of hobbies to make you more human. Again keywords are important here so make sure you add relevant keywords to your industry. If you are a professional, offering some service add your email address or any other contact details.



Note: Try and add some Emoji’s to make it visually appealing. (Don’t overdo it)

3) Use The LinkedIn Featured Section Wisely

LinkedIn now gives you an option to add a couple of featured content on the top of your professional profile. It can be anything which you want to be highlight about your professional or personal life.


For example, I have three featured content pieces:

  1. My post-graduate certificate in Digital Marketing (Adding Credibility to my profile)
  2. I was featured in an E-Newspaper for my Blogging activities. 
  3. I started helping people on LinkedIn by reviewing their profile and giving the relevant feedback. 

If you want me to review your profile too, head to my LinkedIn post and comment Interested. 

4) Show Off Your Experience

Your experience section adds to your credibility, which makes it one of the most important section of your profile. Add information about each of your experiences, what did you do in the organisation, any accomplishments, your KRA’s (Key Responsibility Areas). 

Also, to make your profile visually appealing, add any media to your experiences. It can be anything including, weblink, document, image, and video. 



5) Organised Education, Licenses and Certifications 

Just like with the experience section, add more information to your education section. What did you do in your Post Graduation or Graduation. Also, try and add relevant media like links, images or any documents to make it more appealing. 

For example, I have added details about my post graduation along with my certifications and relevant links.  

6) Don’t Forget Your Accomplishments 

LinkedIn allows you to add 8 things in your accomplishments section including, publication, organisation, language, Honour & Award, etc. Take your time and analyse what all can you add in this section.



For example, YouTube India featured me as the Creator of the Day on it’s official Twitter handle. 

7) Profile and Cover Photo

Last but no the least, your profile photo should clearly have your face in it with a big smile. It it preferred if you add a professional image but any image which shows your full face is good to go. 

Currently, LinkedIn doesn’t show your cover photo in its mobile app but approximately 45% of LinkedIn traffic is via desktop. So having an appealing cover photo might help you get your dream job or close your dream project. Try and keep your cover photo relevant to your industry or it should mirror your personality. You can use a simple tool like Canva to create one. 

I hope this checklist will help you create an amazing LinkedIn profile. If it does, DM me on my LinkedIn and share it across.