FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of frequently asked questions about my personal life, YouTube Career, Keep Growing With Sid Podcast, Digital Marketing, Growth Marketing at Digidarts, etc. This page will answer most of these questions, and if you still want to ask me something, please tweet @sidtechsid. 


This page was last updated by Siddhant Jain on 14th June 2020

Growth marketing is all about utilising data to create sustainable growth strategies for a brand or person. Growth marketing involves experimenting with different marketing techniques and breaking them to create “Growth Hacks” or “Growth Strategies.”

Nope, currently I am not providing any kind of digital marketing services as freelancer. You can reach out to me via Digidarts.

But, I am providing free digital marketing consulting or growth marketing consulting for first 20 minutes. You can schedule a call with Siddhant

Currently, I am working as a Growth Marketer in a digital marketing agency based out of Gurugram, India called Digidarts. 

Nope, I am not Siddhant Jain, founder Sid Talk. He is a great guy and creates some excellent content. Kindly visit his website for more information about him.

Currently, I am not active on Sid Tech. I will be providing my opinion on latest gadgets via my blog page


@whatshe.ate is a food blog I co-founded along with my friend. We are posting delicious food images, reviews and much more at least three times a week.

Know more about Whatsheate food blog.

Paper Bags Handle is the official website of Veer & Co. Veer & Company is my family business, and we are manufactures of paper bags, paper bags handles and other paper bags accessories.

Learn more about Veer & Co & Paper Bags Handle.